Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world
- Nelson Mandela

Established in 1923 Nashik Education Society is one of the premiere educational institutes of Nashik. Rev. Shinde, one of the pioneers of educational progress had established St Georges High School at the place presently occupied by Pethe High School in 1908. That school was subsequently closed and was succeeded by   a school started by Nashik Education Society. Shri Nanasaheb Abhyankar and other dedicated teachers had founded the institution with the active assistance of the prominent citizens of the then Nashik such as Ravbahaddur Gupte and Shri M.R.Godbole. Over the last 85 years the Society has developed into a leading educational institution making its mark in both quality and quantity of education.

The Government allotted the historical place which was occupied by the Peshwas to the Society and it was converted into a grand igh School with the financial support of the family of Pethe Jewelers, Mumbai. In 1945 it was named as  Pethe High School. In order to cater the need for education to the girls the Society started Sharda Mandeer as a girls school in 1946. With the generous donation of the family of Sardas it developed into Matushri Rampyaribai Sarda Kanya Vidyalaya. The anagement started thinking beyound Nashik by 1950s.  In 1955 a school was established in Bhagur which was a small village in the vicinity of Nashik. in 1956 Navin Engraji Shala, a school in the nearby village Ozar was established . 10 1957 a school for girls was established at Nashik Road. with the generous donation and support of Seth Babaseth Kothari and was named as eth Dharamdas Samaldas Kothari Kanya Shala.  In order to cater the needs of the changing Nashik an English medium school was started in 1974.

Late Rangubai Junnare, an illiterate lady from family with farming background came forward with a generous donation of her land on which the building for  English Medium School which was named as Rangubai Junnare English Medium School came into existence.  Nashik was expanding and new colonies were getting developed. These colonies needed educational institutions. It was imperative for an institution like N.E.Society to come forward for satisfying this need. Therefore in 1979 a school was started in the colony established by Department of Irrigation, Government of Maharashtra  at Maharashtra Engineering and Research Institute (Meri ) . Nashik got developed into a metro city due to rapid industrialization. Around 1980s CIDCO developed new housing schemes. The Society established a School at Untwadi, CIDCO Scheme IV in 1987 A primary school established in 1935 and working at the historical Rajebahaddur Wada was already a premier primary school for many decades. By now the school started facing need for a new premise.

With the generous donatin from the family of Seth Satyanarayan ji Modi a new building was constructed and the scholl was named as Sagarmal Modi Prathamik Vidyalaya, In order to cater the need of a primary school at Nashik Road in 1990 a primary school for girls was established which is now getting a new magnificent building thanks to the kind support of Kothari family who have helped N E Society in last 50 years. Im 2007 the Society decided to launch a new school with CBSE pattern. With the support of Hamandrabhai Kothari the M.S.Kothari academy is the latest venture of the N.E.Society.

Apart from these activities the Society has also entered into the fields of Computer Education and Distance learning. With the help of Yashwanterao Chavan Maharashtra Open University we have started study centers for B.A., B.Com. and B.A (Journalism) We also have a accredited  study centre of Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd. (MKCL).
All our schools, including pre-primary and primary schools have  well equipped computer labs and specialised trainers and teachers to teach computer science. We also have activities like Adventure Clubs, Nature Clubs and with the active guidance of eminent experts like Padmashri Bhawarlalji Jain (Jain Irrigation, Jalgoan) Dr. Madhavrao Chitale we have been successfully conducting engaged in the work of water conservation and management. The activities of N.E.Society have been acclaimed at the international level.

With nearing 25000 students and over 550 teachers and 350 support staff we are trying hard for brining about quality education fro all sections of the society for last 85 years.
An important feature of N.E. Society is the democratic pattern of management it has followed. It is probably the only educational institution in the entire country where every teacher after completion of 10 years becomes a member and is eligible to participate in its management. Even the non teachers are empowered to participate in the management of the institution.

This has resulted in synergizing the strength of all the sections of the institution -- the present and retired teachers, non teachers, alumina and members of the public at large for the development of the Society.


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